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Sonia Leigh and Friends Live in London!

Sonia Leigh’s career is something to be marvelled at. Her versatility as a songwriter is unrivalled and the hard work she puts in as an independent artist is reflected in the miles she travels and the amount of shows she does year in year out. But more than all of this Sonia is the kind of person who gets along with everybody, she can often be found at the end of a show sharing a smile and a pint with her fans and she’s always willing to help aspiring musicians as her work with Supajam shows. With this attitude it’s no surprise that Sonia Leigh is bringing out a record called Sonia Leigh and Friends. In this day and age where many musicians treat the industry as though it was one big x-factor style competition it is refreshing to hear such an album where musicians of such high calibre from different genres come together in one of the most prestigious studios in the World (Abbey Road) and create something truly special.


There is an eclectic collection of songs on this record, a good representation of Sonia’s career and a typical live show. The album is book-ended by instrumentals Claire De Lune Part 1 to open and part 2 to close, played on the piano by Jessie Maryon Davies. The second track Alabama Bound became a favourite amongst fans whilst she was touring with Broken Witt Rebels last year and this version recorded at Abbey Road studios really captures the live energy of that song. Sonia’s unique and gritty vocals shine through on old favourites My Name Is Money and Bar. Much like the live shows there is a feel of freedom for Sonia and the musicians to bounce off each other. Jack is Back is very different to the version she released on her last record Mad Hatter, it begins a lot slower, more stripped back which gives more emphasis to the latter half of the song which has more of a Rock feel to it, the emotion almost switches from a sombre beginning to a feisty, angrier end.


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