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Support the New Record on Kickstarter

3 Oct 2017


I am an independent artist and songwriter - tryna make a record... My wonderful fans (Fam 'O' Leigh) have encouraged me to use Kickstarter again to help. This time around is different because I have grown so much in my writing, genre, and skill since the last one. Moving into producing and engineering, this is my first attempt to show the world what I have learned. 

I have teamed up with several amazing people and producers... Mitch Dane, Frank Romano, Scena, Jazz Feezy, Mikal Blue, and Micah Wilshire to co-produce and co-engineer. This record is honest, raw, and unapologetic. It shows the many faces of my gift and curse as a writer. Pushing the genre envelope, it creates a new place to love music. There are elements of country, rock, pop, and even hip-hop swirling in this dark storm of my mind. 

I bring this to Kickstarter to help fund what's been created, to provide a humble, strong release as an independent artist. We set the goal at $20k to make sure we at least receive funding - However, our real goal is much much more. Please help me keep moving forward in my journey. You will support the art, duplication, production, mixing, touring, merchandise promotion and compensation for the many generous believers in my talent. 

Thank you in advance for your involvement in the next step of my musical career. You are a very important part of turning the page.


Sonia Leigh

P.S. I hope to have the digital downloads available before the end of the year, but physical fulfillments may have to wait until Spring 2018 when I am back from the UK.

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